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Osteopathy at The Bridgewater Clinic

We use safe and effective treatments for musculoskeletal problems. We are skilled in the use of hands-on techniques to both assess and diagnose but also treat any dysfunction which affects the normal working of your body.

Our aim is to restore the body's own natural ability to heal using a variety of methods to stretch and mobilise the muscles, ligaments and joints in order to provide pain relief and improve function.

We will give advice on activities to do or even avoid which may include exercises and the application of heat or cold with the aim of aiding recovery. Postural exercises and ergonomic set up at work are often included. Your therapist may also work alongside other medical professions such as doctors, surgeons or sports club physiotherapists.

What happens on your first visit?

We will take a full medical case history which is followed by an examination. During the examination and treatment you may need to remove your outer clothing. Some patients prefer to bring shorts and vests to change into. You may be asked to perform some simple movements during your examination and assessment.

We try to avoid causing pain during the examination and treatment though sometimes this is necessary to understand the tissues causing the symptoms and to offer an effective treatment. We will always endeavour to keep this to a minimum and we always work within your tolerances.

After examination we will discuss our findings, the cause of your pain and offer appropriate treatment with aftercare advice.

During treatment we will use a variety of techniques to reduce muscle tension, stretch restricted joints, gentle massage techniques, rhythmic joint movements and muscle release techniques. We may also adjust/manipulate joints using short, quick movements.

Visits are typically 30 minutes but may vary depending on the complexity of the case.

Our prices are £36 cash for a session with payments due at the end of every session.

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